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فيلم  Cut to the Chase (2016) مترجم

فيلم Cut to the Chase (2016) مترجم

تدور أحداث الفيلم في ولاية (لويزيانا)، حيث مُحتال سابق ينخرط في البحث عن شقيقته المُختَطفة من خلال أعتى أوساط الجريمة، ويستعرض الفيلم رحلة بحثه بما تحمله من أخطار مختلفة.


From the opening scene with Blayne Weaver (Actor/Director/Star) and Lance Henriksen, I was hooked. Both of them acted so well opposite one another and the dialogue was crisp and lighting was beautiful. The camera-work throughout was top notch for an indie film and looked lovely. The editing serviced the fight scenes and action well. Often times indie films do not quite get the camera angles or speed right with action scenes and it looks a little off. Weaver and his team did a great job with this aspect and the pacing of the entire film was very tight. Even the locations were very ripe with their own character. This is not normally a genre of film I am into as much but this one kept me intrigued throughout.

The story is pretty straightforward. Down on his luck Max Chase is out of jail and pulled right into a situation in which his sister is kidnapped and he has to go find her. This will not be an easy thing to do and somehow I do not think his parole officer would forgive the things he goes through in his attempts. Whether it was worth it and pays off, you will have to see.

I was not totally into a later twist but the film worked well enough that it did not overly bother me. All of the other actors did a great job and the two main females in the film (Cahill and Green) kicked ass! Green is currently tearing up the screen in Sleepy Hollow as well. I can picture any of these actors holding their own in bigger films and this film should help continue to propel them forward.

The great thing about this indie film is that it feels like it had a much higher budget than it did. Weaver talked about the film afterwards and with private investors and Kickstarter money, they were able to fund it and it looks 10x better than you would expect with the money they had. I love seeing indie films that just land with you and this is certainly one of them. It also makes me want to seek out other films by the director which is always a good sign. Keep an eye out for this one, I do imagine it will be widely available in the near future

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