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فيلم Mr. X 2015

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الأبطال : Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, Tanmay Bhat

القصه : وتدور أحداث الفيلم حول رجل يتمتع بقوة خارقة وهي الاختفاء، بذلك سيحاول الانتقام من من ظلموه سابقا.

نوع الفيلم : خيال علمي، إثارة

المده : 133 دقيقه

لغة الفيلم : الهندية - مترجم للعربيه

فيلم Mr. X 2015


A young couple who are government officers dedicated to their jobs and the nation. They are impassioned about their work and each other. All that changes in an instant in the face of a shocking betrayal which turns the tables on both of them. A potent solution to all of these crimes is discovered by the young man, in the form of invisibility, a condition that befalls the hero. The power of invisibility can be used to great good or can be corrupted to great evil; which does he choose? Especially when confronted with the one obstacle between achieving his goal and becoming all live without his love.

Nothing great can be expected from the Bhatts these days. Still I gave Mr.X a try considering Emraan Hashmi's acting and it being promoted as a science fiction. Forget science-fiction this movie defies your logic. The screenplay feels like it has been written for people with single digit IQ. Raghu (Emraan Hashmi) works in anti- terrorism department with his girlfriend Seeya (Amyra Dastur). He is framed for murder of CM and then presumed to be killed by the bad guys who set it up (who actually work for the anti-terrorist dept. itself!?!). But the hero lives and helped by some unknown doctor giving him some drug. This induces some reaction making him invisible. Bravo! The hero is set, time to beat the bad guys! There is absolutely zero science here and all we get is fill of ho-hum. The action is worse so is the crappy CGI! The dialogues are pathetic and even Emraan Hashmi couldn't save this ride. Not at all recommended.

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