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مشاهدة فيلم Arcadia 2016 مترجم

مشاهدة فيلم Arcadia 2016 مترجم

مشاهدة فيلم Arcadia 2016 مترجم

مشاهدة فيلم الاكشن والاثارة والخيال العلمى Arcadia 2016 مترجم بجودة DVDRIP مشاهدة مباشرة اون لاين

القصة :
تدور احداث قصة فيلم الاكشن والخيال العلمي والاثارة Arcadia 2016 “اركاديا” رجل يقاتل ليبني مستقبلا لعائلته في عالم يعيقه المرض حيث الرعاية الصحية يتم التحكم بها بطريقة دكتاتورية.


In the not too distant future, the population has risen to dangerous numbers and a deadly disease has gripped the world. To combat the death toll rising, 'Arcadia' has been built as safe disease-free haven for the privileged, where life expectancy is more than 130 years. Outside Arcadia, the average life lasts merely 40 years - unless they can earn a place amongst the elite. Charlie is 39 and living in London, with little time left he works every day to get him and his daughter into the safe haven. When asked to capture a government target, Adam Black, a member of resistance movement 'Free Care', Charlie take this opportunity to guarantee them a place inside Arcadia. On the brink of achieving his dream, his mission takes a wrong turn and he finds himself questioning the real purpose for Black's capture. As discoveries are made, it seems the government have not told Charlie the full truth about Black and 'Free Care'. Facing a choice between saving his life and doing what's right, what ...


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