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مشاهدة Raaz Reboot 2016 اونلاين وتحميل مباشر

مشاهدة Raaz Reboot 2016 اونلاين وتحميل مباشر

فيلم الرعب والغموض والرومانسية Raaz reboot 2016 نسخة 720p HDRip مترجم مشاهدة اون لاين وتحميل مباشر

قصة الفيلم ::
تدور احداث قصة فيلم الرعب والغموض Raaz Reboot 2016 ” العودة ” عن فتاة تتزوج وتعيش خارج الهند لتكتشف أوضاع غامضة في منزلها وتغير في حياتها وحياة زوجها


Rehaan and Shaina are newly married as Rehaan gets a job offer as a Venture Capitalist for the East European Finance Company they had actually fallen in love in Romania,Shaina insists Rehan to take up the job while Rehan is reluctant a she has a secret to hide in Romania,Shaina soon experiences paranormal activities but Rehan refuses to believe while on a business trip Rehan receives a frantic call from Shaina requesting for help as she is trapped in telephone booth in a rural area where she had gone to seek help on paranormal activities happening around her.Shaina and Rehaan take the help of a local Priest but he cant help them much,Aditya Shrivastava former lover of Shaina comes to rescue her from the evil spirit.

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